Reiki is a form of energy healing which has been around for thousands of works upon the energy fields around the body, channelling the universal energy present in all life, to clear any blockages and improve the flow of energy through the chakras. The free flow of energy through the chakras enables us to enjoy good health and  increased vitality. Reiki assists the body in n it’s natural ability to heal itself.

The Reiki technique used today  developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 20th century, based on a lost manuscript dating back to the 7th century, which described  a healing method practised by Buddhists in Tibet. By meditating on these texts he came to understand this method of healing and devised a way to pass it on to

others, and I, myself, am very grateful to be a practitioner with a direct link to Dr Usui, being only nine “generations” of teachers away.

I offer one to one Reiki sessions at The Yoga Room, Blackwater, and also offer a monthly group healing evening, in collaboration with my  fellow practitioner, Kathryn Wakefield, combing Reiki healing with a Tibetan Bowl soundbath.


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