I decided to train as a Reiki practitioner several years ago, after receiving an extraordinary Reiki session myself, from a remarkable practitioner who later became my teacher.

I have continued studying with her since then, achieving the Reiki Master qualification in 2017, and recently reaching the Reiki Master Teacher level in 2019.

Originally trained as a professional musician at the Royal College of Music, and  working since then as a performer and teacher, I’ve long been aware of the transformative effect music can have on people, affecting their mood, emotions, and general sense of well being.

Tibetan Bowls had been attracting my attention for some twenty years before I finally acquired my first one. I’d first encountered them as part of a New Age band, and was intrigued. I then encountered a remarkable Bowl practitioner through a fellow musician, and my  solitary bowl  soon became part of an ever increasing family.

"Before I knew it, these magical bowls had stolen my heart, and before I knew it I was training as a sound therapist and was a qualified practitioner, with an array of twenty bowls or more".