Being Claire’s teacher has been an honour and a joy. Her understanding of subtle energies is remarkable and her ability to sense, direct and channel Reiki is nothing short of extraordinary. The type of energy that she channels is powerful, of a very high vibrational  nature, pure and at the same time gentle, making the receiver feel totally held, safe,  and supported. If you have the privilege to receive a Reiki session from her you will have a very deep and transformative experience. I can not recommend her enough.

Dr Paola Bisicchia

Personally, when booking first time, I wasn’t sure if this was for me, but I must say the sense of calm and relaxation I felt when I was driving home was amazing and lasted for the rest of the evening. I slept the best I have done for a long time as well. So definitely will be coming back…


A beautiful hour spent lost in the mesmerising sounds of the bowls. It is so relaxing and calming. I love going and every session is different but aways fantastic…


Wow. My first experience and I loved it. The power and beautiful sound of the bowls was mesmerising. Thank you.